Advanced Solutions

TOTUS Secure engineers can design security systems based on European and Polish trade standards. They always take into consideration any formal and legal regulations.

Surveon Video Management Solution Overview

Surveon’s Video Management Software, which is pre-installed on every Surveon NVR, is the foundational piece of our end-to-end IP video solutions, liking Surveon’s full line of IP cameras andmajor 3rd party cameras with our megapixel video recording and management technology to deliver highly integrated and reliable solutions.Surveon VMS provides users intuitive and powerful monitoring and investigative tools to increase security coverage and responsiveness, providing an active security solution as well as increased security management e­ciency. Our distributed client-server architecture is scalable for projects ranging from single store, simple site applications to multi-site network video management and centralized, clustered solutions empowering our partners by providing them with solutions that will grow with their future deployment needs.
Megapixel cameras have provided the industry with dramatic improvements in video resolution, however they have also brought major challenges to VMS provider, with their increased demand for I/O throughput and storage. Leveraging more than a decade of experience in the field of high-performance storage, Surveon VMS has been optimized to deal with these high data loads, minimizing the risk of frame loss, hardware failure, system shut down and providing security integrators with a simple update path to megapixel video solutions.
Surveon Megapixel Video Solutions include the Surveon Video Management Software (VMS) and the Surveon Control Center (SCC). The video management solutions empower our users to easily take on the professional security projects with the Surveon VMS, and be expandable with the SCC to meet the high-end security requirements.


Scalable Client – Server Architecture

Whether your project is single site building security or a multi-site large-scale area surveillance, our scalable client-server architecture allows Surveon VMS to excel in both simple standalone models and distributed multi-server, multiple-site situations.

Multiple Client Access

Surveon VMS supports multiple client access for easy monitoring anytime, anywhere, including the full-functioned VMS client, web client, remote client, and mobile client.

Centralized Domain Management

Surveon VMS supports unlimited numbers of cameras, I/O devices, SMR/NVR/VMS servers and users, allowing multiple clients to manage multiple servers performing monitoring, recording, and playback over different servers.

Real Time Video Analytics Solutions

The Surveon Video Intelligence Server provides comprehensive video analytics suite for real-time detection & alerts. Incorporating major VI features suitable for many common applications– including missing object, foreign object, basic intrusion, forbidden area, tampering and general motion detection– it turns traditional surveillance networks into an effective detection and monitoring solutions. The Surveon Video Intelligence Server is integrated in VMS 2.4, and can be installed directly on NVRs for single site applications, or deployed on independent servers for large-scale applications.

Actionable Video Monitoring

Surveon VMS provides actionable management tools for monitoring and investigation. All real-time detection events can be configured with thumb-nailed pop-ups in the video alarm panel. These pop-ups provide operators with an instant playback option and can be labeled and archived for further investigation.

Powerful Investigation Modes

Live Monitoring and Investigation are the two main features for any surveillance application. In addition to the standard date-time search and instant playback, Surveon VMS also supports multi-event and video intelligent searches. VI searches apply video analytics to previously recorded events, while multi-event searches perform high-level database queries across multiple cameras based on labels, video analytics, events, or notes. Search results can be further labeled and categorized to provide more comprehensive data categorization. These powerful search modes increase investigative effectiveness and efficiency.

Multiple Display Options

Multiple-display support is commonly required for projects like SMBs, parking, factory surveillance, and other medium to large scale applications. Users may require dedicated displays for multiple live view video feeds, eMAPs, investigation, and even integrated 3rd party solutions, i.e. access control. Surveon VMS supports up to 8 monitors which can be easily configured to display combinations of video view, eMAP, investigation or HTML content to meet your requirements.

Suveon VMS is designed to provide line security manager with comprehensive monitoring tools and management solutions that emphasize ease-of-use. It provides innovative features for an effective and efficient investigations, all based on Surveon’s megapixel video recording technology and experience, and designed to provide our customers high-performance and reliable megapixel IP video solutions.For more information and detailed specifications, please see the specifications detail or contact your Surveon Sales Representative.