Counter Surveillance System

Counter Surveillance system is mostly used for protection of conference rooms, private offices, meeting rooms, etc. It protects spaces against surveillance made from both, inside and outside, using eavesdropping equipment.

Projects development and internal electromagnetic room shielding customization.

TOTUS Secure develops concepts, designs and implements counter surveillance security systems protecting spaces against surveillance made by use of eavesdropping equipment from inside and outside.

We can offer you to prepare a design and implementation of internal electromagnetic space shield of your rooms in order to effectively eliminate the ability to steal your information from the outside as well as preventing the unauthorized use of radio listening devices and wiretaps based on public mobile networks, in protected areas.

Our project provides the risk reduction of the of acoustic information interception from the space by use of the following technologies:

  • Use of standard mobile phones (CDMA, GSM, DCS, UMTS) and publicly available mobile network to conduct interception,
  • Use of special surveillance devices which operate on the base of mobile technologies (CDMA, GSM, DCS, UMTS) and based on publicly available mobile networks,
  • Use of the special radio counter surveillance devices working in VHF/UHF waves,
  • Capture and analyze of electromagnetic disclosing emission of the computers and other office and video-conferencing equipment used in the protected space.


Spaces investigation to detect and neutralize informal devices used for obtaining information.

TOTUS Secure specialists will carry out a comprehensive control of the rooms, including: walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors and all accessories, using dedicated professional equipment,  in the following areas:

  • Detection of digital and analog electronic systems emission (electromagnetic, radio, television, mobile and GPS),
  • Detection of audio recording devices (recorders, analogue and digital tape recorders),
  • Detection of microphone devices (wired, optical, contact),
  • Electromagnetic background level and its anomaly measurement,
  • Laser and infrared surveillance detection.
  • Optical devices and hidden video cameras detection.
  • Electrical installation and telephone line control.