Comprehensive concepts

Security concepts of facilities, enterprises and institutions.

Main goals of security concepts work out:

  • to prepare comprehensive and coherent solution for physical security of facility,
  • to prepare physical security system based on legal requirements, European and Polish standards, and internal employer’s regulations and procedures,
  • to use security competence and knowledge about facility of internal employees in combination with wide security knowledge and experience of external experts.

As a result of all of that work we expect to prepare a document describing in comprehensive way the optimal facility technical and physical security system, prepared according to binding law and standards regulations, and according to the best professional practice. The concept prepared based on threat and assets analyze will also consider clients activity specification and his actual needs.

Concept carry out benefits:


  • Complex security system preparation based on threat and assets analyze, made following the clear methodology and classification.
  • Security system cost optimization by force and efforts planning, based on protection system strictly adequate to actual threats. Different protection efforts depending to threat level and individual asset vulnerability.
  • Detailed guideline preparation based on law and standards regulation, client’s internal regulation and his present needs and expectation, which allows to prepare technical designs, and existing systems expansion.
  • Detailed description of people, cars and goods access control system prepared with future security system activity consideration.