Security audit of organizational and technical protection systems of facilities, areas or devices.

Audit main goals:

  • requirements described in audit criteria meeting verification – for example; legal requirements, company internal procedures, EU standards, etc.
  • actual condition of audited physical and technical security systems findings,
  • possible area of audited systems improve and expansion point out.

As a result of audit, special report will be prepared with findings, conclusions and recommendations made, based on verification of analyzed facility security systems organizational and functional correctness. Verification will be performed based on company essential assets and threats pointed out by employer or based on threats and assets analyze carried out separately. Additionally, as an option for employer order we can analyze and estimate special security procedures accomplishment by personnel or other people providing security services for employer.


Audit carry out benefits:


  • objective opinion about actual condition of audited security systems obtain, prepared by the group of external specialists,
  • audit will be performed based on acknowledged methodology i.e. PN-EN ISO 19011 Guidelines for auditing management systems,
  • confirmation of organization, implementation, functioning, exploitation and service of audited security systems is compliance with legal requirements, company internal requirements and procedures and adequate standards,
    level of adherence to binding security procedures by security personnel, findings,
  • level of adherence to binding security procedures by specified employee an coworker groups,
  • identification of security systems potential improvement area,
  • to gain recommendations for eventually incompatibilities found elimination and improvement of audited systems,
  • verification ability of essential assets identification,
  • verification ability of internal and external threats identification.