Advisory services

Given the needs of clients who do not need to create security teams in their own companies we propose them our security advisory service, both technical and physical security. The knowledge and experience of our highest class security designers, Certified Security Experts, supported by the skill and experience of retired special service soldiers working for us, give the guaranty of professionalism and credibility. Specially because it is proved by projects successfully accomplished already.

Within the scope of services offered, we propose:


  • Trainings for Employer’s Security Managers.
  • Audit of actual security guards condition and physical security systems condition implemented at employer facilities.
  • Advisory services for organizationally – technical aspects of security systems, including:
  • technical consultancy for employer in process of ordering requirements preparation,
  • technical estimation service of security offers placed by security companies who wants to cooperate with employer,
  • professional expertise and opinion preparation about security agreements concluded by employer,
  • professional expertise and opinion preparation about of technical security designs,
  • help service in employer facility security systems requirements work out,
  • technical security of people and assets consultancy.

Because of uniqueness, our services specified above, we treat as an basement for eventual arrangement and specification. In case of any questions we ask for contact with Mr. Witold Strzelecki.