About Company

In our times security is extremely complex and important issue. Because of existing first and because of constantly appearing second, threats (some of them terroristic strict). Such situation creates a need of new more technologically sophisticated people and assets security and protection tools implementation.

To reduce probability of adverse events appearing we have to create comprehensive and effective security systems. Such systems should be created based on knowledge and experience of security specialists, who do security professionally. Systems should base on technologically advanced solutions which leverage effectiveness of its activity. To relay on experienced professional and reliable partner is very important because adequate protection and security of sensitive assets has direct influence on business continuity planning.

The company is licensed No. L-0293/15 issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to carry out activities in the field of protection of people and property carried out in the form of technical security.

The company has liability insurance business – policy My company ERGO Hestia.

TOTUS Secure operates in the area of widely treated security issues. The company propose:

  • advising services of people and asset protection,
  • security audits of organizational and technical protection systems of facilities, areas or devices,
  • security policy documents or its chosen parts preparation,
  • analyze of structures and systems of sensitive information protection work out,
  • complex concepts work out of facilities and institutions security and protection,
  • analyze and estimation of sensitive information protection and its process security,
  • technical designs of security alarm systems preparation,
  • investor supervisory of security system implementation,
  • trainings of security systems organization and facility protection systems.

Because of above and making an effort to meet your needs we offer complex solutions and professional advisory services of effective physical and technical security systems. The bedrock of our activity is: